EDAS PAK has a large fleet of modern equipment. Today we use the latest developments of domestic and foreign manufacturers at all stages of production.


Prepress process is the one of main processes in cycle of packaging production. At this stage our specialists convert the virtual designs in a preflight reality with the technological features of the specific production. Our experts think through all the nuances in order to get what it is possible to print and at the same time as close as possible to customer requirements in design.

Flexographic printing

This printing method allows a relatively low pressure to move fast-drying liquid paint from the printing form on the printing material, in our case, rolled. Forms have a high run length, which is an advantage of this type of printing for large runs.

If the circulation is not great our customer will not have to pay for set of forms for the next re-circulation of small volume. The economic benefit is obvious.


If the packaging needs for additional strength or barrier properties we advise the process of joining multiple materials together. It can be identical in structure and properties of materials or combinations of different options.

Today we use solventless lamination method. This way is more environmentally friendly than using solvent-based adhesives. Laminated materials are transported to drying where certain temperatures and humidity levels are supported


The final technological stage is cutting. Professional operators on the basis of specification cut laminated role or printed mono-products to the desired width and receive at the exit rollers of a given diameter. This will allow the customer as comfortable as possible on the production lines to work without delay and downtime.

Packaging of finished products

A final stage is the weighing of ready for delivery products and careful and thorough packaging.