If the label or packaging requires additional strength or barrier properties, the required process of joining multiple materials together. It can be identical in structure and properties of materials and combinations of different materials.

We use solventless lamination method, i.e. in the course there are no solvents. This way is more environmentally friendly than using solvent adhesives. Laminated materials are transported to drying, which supports certain temperatures and humidity levels.

The equipment of the area of lamination

- A laminator for production of combined materials Nordmechanica Super Simplex 1300.

Material width up to 1350 mm, width of lamination max 1300 mm. working speed solventless laminating machine – 300 m/min the Speed depends on the material combinations. The formation of the triplex laminating a first operation consisting of the future of thin foil and polyethylene is about 120 m/min.

- A laminator for production of combined materials Schiavi Eco Junior.

The width of the material used up to 1150 mm, width of lamination - 550-1100 mm. Maximum operating speed - 300 m/min (depends on the types of films).