Prepress process – a major one in the production of packaging or label. At this stage, converts the virtual designs in a preflight reality with the technological features of the specific production. Our experts think through all the nuances in order to get which way it is possible to print and taking into consideration all customers requirements in design.

Equipment prepress area

-Calibrated monitors Apple computers with all necessary software to playback high-quality color reproduction and preparation of the electronic model of the future products.

-The device control and calibration of the printing process at different stages densitometers Gretag and X-Rite, GretagMacbeth Spectrolino spectrophotometer.

-The color proofing device Epson Stylus Pro 7900 in conjunction with the embedded spectrophotometer Spectro Proofer allow to predict the print result of each individual design. The equipment has passed the stage of colorimetric calibration at the stage of its manufacture. Use 10 colors when printing proofs, as well as improved balance grey allow you to have the maximum color gamut and to adjust the results at this stage of the technology, i.e. until the conclusion of photopolymer printing plates.

-For more accurate reproduction of print by our professionals produced the colorimetric calibration of color proofing device based on the nuances of a specific printing material.

-Large format complex output for photopolymer printing plates Flexcel NX Wide from Kodak Russia's only complex with a working width of photopolymer material.

Enable output photopolymer printing material format 1067x1524 mm with a working screen frequency of 200 lpi.

The complex production of digital flexo plate (CTP) KODAK Thermoflex Mid II Hybrid

Possible format plates – 900x1200 mm Resolution up to 4000 dpi. The full format plates with a linear speed of 76.8 mm per minute takes about 16 minutes.